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I've been going on your profile here at deviant art for a while right after I noticed how amazing your dress up games were...When you turn the crazy love tango into a web comic..Are you going to start where you left off when hatena shut down? Or are you going to start all over? I know that posting all of the CLT episodes will be a lot of work..But I think that if you start from where you left off then all of the episodes before will be unreachable for your fans to read..Now when your CLT series starts getting popular and people want to read it are they just going to have to figure out what's going on from where you last updated? Because you are an amazing artist...and I am more that happy to give up some of my time to read your series from 1st episode to where ever you left off. But my question is..are you going to post all episodes of this series from the very beginning or are you just going to start where you left off?
shidabeeda Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well as you said it'd be an inconvenience to the fans who want to read it from the beginning but can't if I just pick up were I left off, so to answer your question I'm currently working on it from the very beginning so that everyone will be on the same page :)
YAY! I loved reading it on hateRun Away na, and since you will be starting from the beginning, it will be great for me and other fans to refresh our memory!
EspirituLechuza Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Are You Going to continue Crazy Love Tango?
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